Saturday, May 5, 2007

A pyjamaed car.

Why have a garage with a roof?
If you can buy what looks like a pyjama for your car.

A car should be able to survive the atmospheric circumstances.
It is made not to leak rainwater.
Not to fade its colour.
Someone who goes the extra mile to buy a pyjama for the car must be a very caring person.

It looks like it is a Volkswagen.
We can see that from the wheels.
The VW-symbol showing there.
But what model is it?
A Sirocco and therefore an old-timer needing protection?

Must be a hassle though to put this pyjama on and off the car every time you use the vehicle.

And what do you think about folding the pyjama up?
You need part of the street to do this.
And next the pyjama fills up your trunk.

We may wonder who is so concerned about the car.
What kind of person is that?

Only one way to find out. To ask around who is the owner of this car.

Opposite the parked pyjamaed car was a restaurant.
A woman was standing in the doorway observing the photographing of the car.
She was maybe 30 years old and Mexican.

Asked if she knew who was the owner of that car, her answer was that it was she herself.

Having received elaborate compliments about the way she is taking care of her car she explained she covered it for mainly two reasons.

One was the sunshine.
In Baja California the sunshine can be very strong and this dries out plastic and fades the colour.
Also the UV-rays of the sunlight are destructive.

The second reason was the air coming from the nearby sea.
This air contains salt and salt makes metal corrode.

Many people have a car and simply take this for granted.
It is just a tool to transport the owner.
It is used and without much consideration.

But this woman is different.
She cares for her car.
She is proud of her car.
She loves her car.

There is a tremendous beauty in this.
And we may imagine that seeing how she takes care of her car, how she takes care of her boyfriend…

The next day the same spot was passed by.
There was no sunshine and no wind from the sea.
The car was without its pyjama and could be seen in all its beauty.



Betty2toes said...

What! no picture of the owner????

How much is gas down there?

It's over three bucks a gallon everywhere you go here in the USA.

Anonymous said...

I used to cover my car before I got a garage. It's really rather easy to put on and off--no big deal. It's easy to wad up and stuff inside a corner of the trunk.