Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Flowers for your love.

The Fuso Santek expedition vehicle has four-wheel drive, has a high ground clearance and is equipped with solar energy, a big water tank of 250 litres (66 gallons), big grey and black tanks, a large fridge and a Datastorm satellite system for access to Internet.
Besides all this the vehicle is relatively light, less than 14.000 pounds (6.350 kilo), and relatively narrow: 238 centimetres (93.7 inches).

With these parameters it becomes possible to access and stay in places not many other people can go.
Yesterday such a place was reached and it looks like this:

This is a location of ultimate beauty, peace and harmony.
Called Ensenada Blanca on the East coast of Baja California south of the town of Loreto.
Current location to be found on this website:

An excellent place also to reminiscent about an event soon to happen.
Together with all the loyal and fervent blog readers the publication of the 200th posting will be celebrated.
It has been a fantastic time of sharing experiences, reflections and thoughts.
Seeing the amount of fervent and loyal blog readers grow rapidly.
Receiving many comments and e-mails of satisfied and excited readers.

One option of this blog is that anybody can publish a comment.
Originally this was decided because if someone can write whatever opinion, the reader should have the same option.
However, several comments and e-mails are complaining about this unique option.
The reason is that because one can also send a comment anonymously, this opens the door for individuals to drop their garbage.
They are the people similar to those who write ugly things on walls of public toilets.

Because too many fervent and loyal blog readers are disturbed by these anonymously posting commentators, there will be as of now a change in policy.
We are going to have clean walls!
The new policy is that like in the past, anybody can publish a comment.
Contrary to other blogs, this one will not have censorship.
Anybody can write and express any opinion and it will be published.
However, there is one rule: anyone contributing a comment anonymously is directed towards the public toilet.
Anonymous comments are not published anymore.

We can expect that many loyal and fervent blog readers, because of this upcoming exciting event of the 200th posting, would like to send flowers.
This is understandable and will be highly appreciated.
Amnesty International offers the option of sending flowers to someone while 10 % of the value of the bouquet goes to this important organisation.
Besides, the flowers of Amnesty International are grown and harvested using practices that aim to improve the quality of farm working conditions, minimize damage to ecosystems, conserve biodiversity, and enhance environmental quality for future generations.
To commemorate the 200th posting of this blog, order a bouquet of flowers from Amnesty International and send it to your most loved person.

To order your flowers, click on:



Fred Wishnie said...

Great change. If they won't give their name, let them keep their comments to themselves.

Jodi said...

Excellent suggestion regarding the flowers, Michael! Going there now to send flowers for Mothers Day (and of course to celebrate your 200th posting!)

Bettye J. said...

OK. Whatever.

Anonymous said...
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Joe said...

I had to block anon messages on my blog as well. Now, my wife has to say who she it when she rides me like a mule!