Thursday, May 10, 2007

Crusoë's visitors.

A sailboat arrived in the beautiful bay of Ensenada Blanca, Baja California, Mexico.
The “Austerity” from Oakland, California, USA.

Later, on the beach, Nancy and Dale were met, the crew of the “Austerity”.
Happy and harmonious people with a beautiful tan and smile.
Gypsying in the Sea of Cortez on their sailing boat.
Diving, snorkelling, swimming, fishing, visiting places, sunbathing.
Accompanied by two mini-Schnauzer dogs.

They invited to visit their boat.
Having never been on a sailing boat, this was a most interesting proposition.

A sailing boat has many similarities with an RV.
But the “Austerity”, built in the 80’s, has a quality only seen in custom made RV’s.
It shines a love of craftsmanship, of pure and natural materials and of ingenuity.
To be in such an environment one can feel all this.
The whole interior radiates high quality.

It is so interesting to see, visiting a sailing boat from the 80’s like the “Austerity”, what time and progress is doing to our lives.
In our societies time has become a deciding factor because it has become closely related to money.
These days we know that time is money while in the past this was not very much the case.
Quality was more important than the value of the time it would take.
Nowadays things are made quickly and of low quality because time is money.

This is a not a new observation.
Many people know this.
And many people do not like this.
But somehow progress is moving on without us being able to alter it much.

Osho is saying we should be intelligent individuals.
Obviously, this is said because many of us are not so intelligent anymore.
Signs of this can be seen all around us.
A turn around can only happen if each individual decides to live intelligently.
Which presents all the fervent and loyal blog readers and yours truly the question for today:
how intelligent am I living my life?

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Joe said...

If you're content, isn't that the true measure?