Thursday, May 3, 2007

A breath: in and out.

In life things come and go.

From the air we inhale and exhale.
To the flower who shows us its beauty to wither when the season is over.

From the child being born in life.
To the beloved one passing away.

Beginnings and ends.

Probably one of the nicest trailer parks in Baja California, Aquamarina RV Park, is closing down.
These days are the last ones it is open.

The owners, who have been running this trailer park for many years, Richard and Maria Luisa Adcock, have reached an age they prefer and deserve to relax.

Aquamarina RV Park is near the city centre of La Paz, next to the Sea of Cortez and set in a beautiful garden.
There is always a cool breeze coming from the sea, no disturbing city noises, a small swimming pool and each space surrounded by bougainvillea and palm trees.

Also here in La Paz, Baja California, Mexico, so called progress is strangling what was beautiful and unique.
It is more profitable to transform this beautiful place and build as many houses as possible on the Adcock’s property.

An era has ended.
There is no more nice trailer park in La Paz anymore.



Anonymous said...

Sad... thanks for sharing these last pics

Anonymous said...

So- Michel there are no places close to La Paz to park an RV for this summer? I had dearly wished to stay there for a few weeks.