Monday, May 7, 2007

Love La Paz

La Paz, the town in the very South of the peninsula Baja California in Mexico, is really a nice place.

It is not for its beauty of its buildings and houses because in an architecturial way it doesn’t stand out at all.
What makes this town so nice to spend time in are the people.
They are probably the nicest to be found.

The people of La Paz are friendly, relaxed, helpful and respectful.
Easy going and enjoying life.

On Sundays they go out and picknick on the shores of the Bay of La Paz.
Always together.
Always as a family.

"Hey, Mister, make us a picture, please!"

During the day the people of La Paz, like everywhere in Mexico, prefer to eat from food stands in the streets.
Because it is always nice weather and rarely raining, this is a very convenient way of having a tasteful snack.
These food stands are having a high reputation worldwide of serving excellent food.
And they are cheap too.

"Buenos dias, senor, make us a picture please!"

Some tourists who come to La Paz believe that it is one of the best places for surfing.

And at the end of the day there is the peace and harmony of the sun setting.

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Anonymous said...

Are there any other RV parks there ?
You mentioned one was closing .
Any free camping ?