Friday, May 11, 2007

A path to everywhere

A path was spotted going into the hinterland.
An interesting discovery because looking towards the sea from the beach, a well-known view is observed.
But a path leading to an unknown place promises unique observations.
Both inside and outside.
Accepting life in a metaphorical way.
Prepared to see meaning and significance in every event taken place.

The path was going into the canyon.
Away from the sea.

At the bottom of the canyon it went east.
Winding its way up on the mountains.

It was warm and the sun was shining.
Over 30 degrees Centigrade (86 Fahrenheit).
It had been a good idea to put on the German hiking shoes.
The path was with small stones to make one slip easily.
And repeatedly sounds could be heard of snakes and lizards running away for the noises of humankind.
Sandals are not a good idea when entering snake territory.

The path went up and up and came to a mountaintop.
To a small but flat area which might have been used in the past for shamanistic rites.
A stunning view could be seen from this vantage point.
The Sea of Cortez and its many islands.
It was a windless day and the sea was like an unnatural immobile substance keeping the protruding rocks in place.

Down below the wild coast were two small beaches.
Where nobody can come except by boat.
Nature untouched.
Pure and wild.

Some enlightened visitor before had put a large stone as a seat.
Facing the vast view of the sea and the islands a meditation was performed.
Feeling the warm sun tanning the naked skin and the gentle cooling touch of the whirling wind.
Reaching a state of being away of the thinking.
Of making oneself open to everything outside.
Leaving for those precious moments all inside for what it is.
Getting outside oneself to merge with the universe lifting its infinity for the time the breathing is in harmony with creation.

Later some stones were collected and a small pyramid was constructed on that magical place.
Making stones fit perfectly as if they were made to be one to each other as they were gently put.
Offering a next visitor a share of the harmony and peace and happiness found on this exceptional spot.

Walking down a mountain is easier.
And the more limited effort seemed to originate from the extraordinary experience after having come so close to ultimacy only moments before.

Returned to the valley floor, on the beach the Fuso Santek was loyally waiting.


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Skee said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! and my husband wonders why I am so fascinated by Mexico. Too bad we live on the east coast of the US. Where you are now is too far away for a short vacation in our RV.
I love your blog. Have been reading since you began writing it. Happy 200th edition!