Wednesday, August 27, 2008

100.000 visitors !!!

Today a milestone in the history of the blog “The life of a pioneering photographer”.
The 100.000th visitor has been welcomed.
A person from Barcelona in Spain.

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The blog “The life of a pioneering photographer” has been started on November 14th, 2006.
Suggested by fellow traveller George “Tioga” Lehrer.
And until now 653 postings have been published.
From different parts of the world and covering a wide range of subjects.

Because the blog “The life of a pioneering photographer” is non-commercial, there is no need to please the readers or to make them believe what a great guy the blog writer is.
This is why sometimes there is controversy.
But often satisfaction and happiness with the readers as well.

The answer to the question why the effort is made to publish a posting every day, an effort that is often difficult and demanding, is that it is interesting to do.
And fun too.
And as long as it remains interesting and fun, with great joy the daily publishing will continue.

The best part of writing and publishing a posting every day is the responses coming from the fervent and loyal blog readers.
Many e-mails and comments are received and they are often encouraging and educational.
And on many occasions fervent and loyal blog readers have been helpful and of assistance.

Hence, we applaud today a milestone of 100.000 readers and they are the ones that must get the glory and the flowers.

Anyone who feels congratulating the person responsible for writing 653 postings can do so by transferring an amount to the organization “Amnesty International”.
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Jaap Bijsterbosch said...

Still some congretlulations to you Michel!
Although sometimes your stories, writings, musing? seem to come from another planet to me, there's lot about Life in them. Which make the reading very amusing, touching, instructive en informative. Thamk you for that!

TiogaRV said...

Congratulations Michel, on reaching 100,000 visits!