Sunday, August 31, 2008

Vomitting in the car.

Travelling from San Jose del Cabo to Tijuana in Mexico to cross there the border into the USA, takes about 5 days of driving.
From 9 am to 18 pm.

It is enjoyable and a pleasure.
To drive the Fuso Szulc and to see the beautiful landscape.
But most of all to have this feeling of freedom.
Any place and anytime a stop can be made.

To make the experience even more interesting the travelling includes listening to the XM-Satellite radio.
These days most of the time to CNN because of the elections.
But today it was just too much.

This is because of John McCain.
He has been selecting a running mate, called Sarah Palin who is clearly incompetent, inexperienced and unqualified to become vice president of the United States.
And possibly even President in case McCain dies.

What makes a healthy person sick and vomit is the way Republicans are now defending the choice of McCain.
There is nothing else they can do: they must keep the ranks of the party closed.
But while they know the lady is incompetent, inexperienced and unqualified, they spin and twist and turn to put it in a way that she is the best person in the whole of the United States for this job.
Those are terrible demonstrations of hypocrisy, lying, cheating and of dishonesty.
In a way understandable because no Republican will get it in the head to stand up and say that McCain made a terrible mistake selecting Palin.
But it shows moral corruption with people who claim they have such high standards of morality.

There was a Republican woman who was explaining that Palin was the right choice because she was having the right conservative ideals.
Pro Life, anti abortion, pro Bible, pro NRA, pro evangelical.
A most silly way of reasoning because if those are the qualifications to become vice-president of the USA, millions of Americans would qualify also.

Today, CNN had also a program where speeches made by McCain and Palin could be heard.
Palin saying exactly the same things as in her acceptance speech the day before.
Cracks in the glass ceiling of Clinton.
But most embarrassing were her words about John McCain.
She said that he is the man that can stop the Iranians from firing their nuclear missiles.
This is such a stupid remark.
Such a demonstration of ignorance.
Such a lack of any intelligence.
And a strong revealing of viciousness and eagerness to manipulate

Hearing her speech for the second time it became clear, when carefully listening to her voice, that it has a high level of hysteria.
Fervent and loyal blog readers are advised to pay attention the next time Palin speaks: the person is emotionally so high that any moment she could start screaming like they do in an asylum.

The other thing that makes sick and almost vomit is the fact that each time by all involved McCain is described as a war hero.
That he served his country so bravely.

The truth is he is not a war hero but that nobody dares to say that.
The facts are that he was involved in an illegal war that was condemned worldwide.
The USA had no business in Vietnam and as we can see today, that war made no sense whatsoever.

One year after the Americans pulled out of Vietnam the country was united and now Americans walk on Nike shoes made in Vietnam.

We also know that the American Army operated as barbarians in Vietnam.
Using napalm on innocent civilians.
Using the system of carpet-bombing destroying and killing everything and everybody existing on wide areas.
Devastating huge areas not only in Vietnam but Laos as well, with the chemical Agent Orange.
Even today people still die because of Agent Orange.

It is not a war to be proud of at all, let alone to say that the soldiers involved are heroes.

The facts are that McCain graduated from the Naval Academy at almost the bottom of his class.
790th out of 795 graduates.
He lost 5 aircrafts in his career as a pilot and was not kicked out for this as his Dad, who was an Admiral, protected him.
In total McCain has been only 20 hours in combat.
He flew 23 missions, but he got 28 medals.
Those medals were not for the few missions he flew, but for the supposedly bravery he showed after he was shot down and captured.
This bravery has its questions.
There were no American witnesses who can confirm the claims of McCain.
Himself, he admitted later he had been given military information to the Vietcong in exchange for medical treatment.

McCain was a pilot dropping bombs and we must appreciate the Vietcong had the humanity not to kill him right away.

But nobody dares to say this in the USA.
That McCain is partly responsible for the huge cost of 6 million Vietnamese and 2 million Laotians and Cambodians lives, most of them civilians.

It all became too much listening to the American elections circus and CNN had to be switched off.
We don’t want the interior of the Fuso Szulc made dirty because two silly and idiotic politicians make the driver vomit.


To learn mnore about the Vietnam war, click on:

To learn more about John McCain, click on:



Anonymous said...

It seems your pea brain has run out of ideas to blog about. These days your sole subject has been your hatred of the USA. In reference to todays inaccurate statements, Barack Obama has less experience than Sarah Palin. Obama's only qualification is that he gives a good speach and was a do nothing senator for 140 days before being annointed.
More to the point, we don't really care what you think of our heroes, and thankfully you dont get to vote here and you will be quite disappointed when we elect John McCain president in Nov.
Go back to europe and elect your socialist heroes. We can only hope the next time europe needs us to rescue them from their stupidity & cowardess that we'll give them the finger and look out for our own needs, like they always do.

Anonymous said...

For anyone who thinks that Sarah Palin is not qualified to be Vice-President, I have only two words for you: Dan Quayle.

TiogaRV said...

When you hit on the raw nerve of truth, you get some people pissed.


Don said...

I have one more word for those of you who think Palin is not qualified. Obama

At least McCain-Palin has the experience where it belongs.

Anonymous said...

I thank God that anti-American Europeans like you are not citizens of the United States. And yet you spend the majority of your time here. Why is that? Perhaps the U.S. isn't as detestable as you make it out to be?

As far as Governor Palin, she has far more administrative and executive experience than Obama. The only thing you can say against Palin is that she is conservative. Well, let the American people decide what they want: a strong capable woman with multiple levels of experience and abilities who believes in the same values and morals they believe in, or empty suit Obama who has nothing to show for his qualification to be president except an ability to read from a TelePrompter and 140-some days in the senate where he's done nothing but campaign to be president.

Hopefully if you can't stomach what is and always has been American values, and can't honor our American heroes such as McCain, your vomiting will send you back across the pond. You have long ago worn out your welcome.