Thursday, August 28, 2008

A circus of clowns in the truck.

The journey from Mexico to the USA has started in earnest.
Last night the city of Ciudad Constitucion was reached.
The whole trip is about 1.500 km (950 miles) and this takes about 4 days.
On a narrow road, crossing mountains and deserts, moving from east coast to west coast going to the northwest.
At a speed of 80 km per hour. (50 miles)

In front has been the tropical storm “Julio” and this can be clearly noticed.
Roads are cleaned up from sand that has been washed on it.
Streets in towns and villages are still inundated and inaccessible.
And most beautifully, nature is turning green.

The sky is still covered with clouds and this is a good thing.
It makes it less hot and this allows driving to be more pleasant and more easy on the engine.

While driving northwest it is possible to receive the XM-satellite radio signal.
Hence, there is live coverage of the Democratic convention in Denver, USA in the Fuso Szulc cabin moving in Mexico.

It may be insulting and inappropriate but the Democratic Convention currently taking place makes a knowledgeable person think strongly of the Communist Party Meetings in Moscow in the 80’s.
Because everything that happens is orchestrated.
Even every little detail.
It is not a meeting of a political party discussing things and coming to conclusions and elections of new leaders.
It has all been cooked beforehand and the meeting is turned in one big propaganda demonstration.
To try to influence the voters that are undecided or in the other camp to become supportive also.

This obsession with positive publicity and getting the attention is now occurring while Obama Barack is going to give his acceptance speech,
Right at that moment John McCain starts a PR-offensive about who is going to be his running mate.
To try to get media attention away from his opponent.

All this is very silly and has nothing to do with serious politicians.
Who represent a political program created and accepted by a democratic process within a political party.

It is a lot about persons.
About individuals.
About image.
About heads and reputations.
A circus of clowns.


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