Thursday, August 21, 2008

He runs like a woman

Today an important subject needs our attention.
It comes from Beijing, China.

In the Fuso Szulc is not much interest in the Olympic Games currently taking place in Beijing.
There are better things to do than see on TV girls in tight clothes play beach volleyball or run around in circles.
No interest in achievements that are coming from how high the level of wealth and economic progress is in a country.
Ever wondered why the second largest nation in the world by population, India with over 1 billion people, has hardly any medals at the Olympic Games in China?
India is too poor.
On the chart of Olympic medals won in Beijing, China is number one with 46 gold medals and the USA second with 28 gold medals.
India is ranked 45 and Mexico is 46 of 72 participating countries.
India and Mexico have each one gold medal and one bronze medal only…
Very revealing.

However, the subject today is the Netherlands.
They are ranked 10th on the medal list with 15 medals.
This fact has resulted in a serious public discussion in the Netherlands because of those 15 medals; women won a total of 13.
Men won only 2 and this has never been seen before.
It used to be the other way around.
Men would win most medals and then a few by women.
But this Olympics the balance is shocking.
Women outperforming the men dramatically.

One of the explanations given on Dutch TV was that the society of the Netherlands has become very decadent and hedonistic.
Life has become very easy.
There is hardly competition and no struggle needed to survive.
A lot comes to people easy and gentle.

Societies as we have in China and the USA are very competitive.
You can make it in those countries, have a successful career, but for this you have to work like hell.
You have to be full of zeal and ambition.
Loaded with passion and motivation and needing high amounts of energy and positive aggression.
You fight, you win.
You don’t fight, you get nowhere.

This way of how a society works is reflected at the Olympic Games.
In the Netherlands no fighting is needed anymore to have a comfortable life.
Everything is easy and taking care of.
So, when it comes to competition an athlete from the Netherlands will not train as vigorous as an athlete from China or the USA.
Limits are reached sooner.
Giving up comes to mind quickly.
The will to win is smaller compared to athletes of other countries.
The ability and passion to go deep and to the bottom of what is possible lacks.
And that is what it is all about at the Olympics.

One person interviewed about this matter on Dutch TV is a trainer who worked both with men and women.
He explained that men from the Netherlands are more easily giving up compared to women.
The trainer calls it the pain frontier.
When running for example, a moment comes that energy feels to have dissipated.
Muscles in legs start to hurt badly.
The runner can do two things now.
One is to give up.
The pain frontier has been reached and is not crossed.
According to the trainer on TV, the pain frontier of men is not as far away as the one of women.
Women are able to suffer pain more easily than men.
So, during training and competition the women push the pain frontier more far ahead while men give up.
The trainer said that he always had to push men to continue to exercise and not give up so easily, while he had to slow down women, as they would tend to even overdo it.

Every late afternoon it is time to do the running.
And as of yesterday the running is like a woman.
Not concerning dress code or specific female movements and way of speaking though.
But the male mentality is temporarily replaced by the female willpower.
This has amazing results.
She ran yesterday an unprecedented 53 minutes.


To check the medals ranking of the current Olympic Games in Beijing, China, click on:


Anonymous said...

hi, this is is from india. yes, we have no sporting achievement. about 1250 million people and only 3 medals and even that is our best performance ever in the olympics. but you have been to india and you can understand how poverty is sponsored by the government. how can india not have food, water, clothing, medical aid and housing for its people when it is a nuclear power?? it is obviously a creation of the government. and so nothing can be done.

but, as a sportsperson, i believe that getting medals in the olympics is truly a great achievement. one of the highlights of life!!

rajendar menen at

Anonymous said...

as an acupuncturist i am well aware that women have a higher pain
threshold. i sometimes have to give men RESCUE REMEDY, a
bach flower remedy, which i jokingly call sissy water!
perhaps if it were the men who gave birth to life they too would
have a high pain threshold.