Sunday, August 10, 2008

No more water

The mornings are beautiful.
Bright sunshine and a cool breeze from the ocean.

But in the afternoon thunderstorms develop above the Sierra de Laguna mountain range in the east.
These thunderstorms are like vertical cloud columns growing rapidly into enormous mushrooms as if an atomic bomb has exploded.

Sometimes the thunder can be heard.
And it happens that the flashes can be seen.
Occasionally the clouds even come to cover the “Estero del Tomate” and a few drops of rain fall on the Fuso Szulc.

This is nothing serious.
Compared to when a hurricane comes to devastate the land and its inhabitants with high-speed winds and biblical rainfall.

As a matter of fact, the people living here on the peninsula Baja California in Mexico, are hoping that a hurricane will come soon.
This has to do with the water shortage they are suffering of these days.
All the public reservoirs are empty and the people have been advised by the local Government to use water only as little as possible.

One good hurricane though and the public reservoirs will be filled nicely.

There is a hurricane around these days.
Called “Hernan”.
But it moved to the west and is blowing winds of 90 mph (144 km) and dumping rain above the Pacific Ocean.

Two more depressions are in the south that may develop into hurricanes.
But they are not likely to come this way.
They are also moving to the west.

This is because the ocean around Baja California is still too cool to serve as a surface to the hurricane to move northwest.
As this is what a hurricane needs: warm ocean water.

There is nothing to be worried or to be surprised about.
Officially the hurricane season starts august 15.
It is going to take some weeks before a hurricane will be able to dump its water into the public reservoirs.
And people can take a shower again.


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