Saturday, August 23, 2008

The good things beyond the sins.

After 24 days in solitude far, far away from what is considered civilization, returning into the matrix consisting of offerings to fulfil desires.
As always this is overwhelming and concerning certain proposals irresistible.
The discipline that was so strict while in retreat slips away and while knowing it is not good, somehow it forces its way in.
This makes one think whether living in the isolation and simple ness of “Estero del tomate” is not a refuge.
An escape.
To run away from all the things that can catch as one can be caught.

For sure, staying for longer periods of time in harmony and peace and simplicity makes a person vulnerable once returning to real life with its complex lures.

In fact, if time is spent very close to nature and to oneself, returning to the world should be accompanied by mental and physical bodyguards.
Who protect and have the authority not to have the person so vulnerable after the long retreat see disappear and getting lost in the city attractions.

But the protagonist is on his own.
After 24 days in solitude next to the lagoon and its birds and its sun risings and its reflections in the water doubling the sky and its clouds.
And the wind from the northwest wishing its wishes so persistently and the ocean waves so scaring to offer possible drowning and the emotional pain and joy that can be felt there next to the lagoon.
But also the passion and the uniqueness and the inevitability.

And the eventual unavoidability of having to leave the Laguna as there is no more drinking water and fresh fruit and fresh vegetables.
Forced to face the powers, so very vulnerable to.
Because there is among many things, sex in the city.
And iTunes is blocked; this in case the city is Beijing.
And in the city the ways are offered to forget.
To relax and fade away.
Into oblivion.

And in the city it is learned that at the Olympic Games in Beijing India has won its first gold medal.
A man won the 10 metres air rifle competition.
Was there any loyal and fervent blog reader aware that the 10 metres air rifle was an Olympic discipline?
Rather unknown and probably not even on TV.

Next it was learned that the women from the Netherlands won the hockey final of China.
The Chinese didn’t even come to scoring.
The result was 2 – 0.
Teaching us once again what tough cookies the Dutch ladies have become.

The last thing learned was the way Barack Obama informed the world who was going to be his running mate and the possible vice-president of the USA.
Not a press conference or some hullabaloo event.
He decided to first send a text message to all his millions of supporters.
After which it was given to the press.
That is a wonderful way of doing.
On the one hand to respect supporters by informing them first.
And on the other hand to make smart use of modern communication techniques.

Back in the city where it is discovered also good things are happening beyond the sins.


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