Saturday, August 16, 2008

We love you

Today we celebrate the 50th birthday of Louise Veronica Ciccone.
Now, many fervent and loyal blog readers may wonder who this lady is.
Louise Veronica Ciccone is better known as Madonna.
The singer, composer, author, film maker, film producer and entertainer born in Bay City, Michigan, USA but living for many years in the United Kingdom.

Madonna is the most successful female artist ever and this worldwide.

Even in the Fuso Szulc she is, together with the band Led Zeppelin, admired and enjoyed.
And that’s it.
No other artists are admired or accepted as an example or a role model.

Recently, Madonna said in an interview that the worst what could happen to her was that the audience would not love her anymore.
This confirms a diagnosis that was made of Madonna as a compulsive and obsessive attention seeker.
She is obviously an example of a person who needs love, like everybody else, but is unable to have this within the context of normal human relationships.
Deeper reasons for this in her case might be that her parents had 8 children and that obviously she had to compete with the brothers and sisters for the love of her parents.
But probably more important has been Madonna’s experience of the death of her mother.
When Madonna was 6 years old her Mom died of breast cancer.

Life is not easy for persons who are constantly looking for love and are unable to be satisfied.
But for the people they are marvellous because constantly the love-seeker tries to please the audience.

Of course a point comes that the love-seeker realises that the love that is looked for cannot be found pleasing the audience.
At the same time it is realised it can also not be found within the context of personal relationships.
Pragmatically, the choice is made to be happy with what is possible.
The only love Madonna can get is success, so that is what she goes for.

There are lots of artists who use art as a way to control their love deficit syndrome.
What makes Madonna so interesting is that on the one hand she has managed to have massive, worldwide success for many years, and on the other hand to express a message of spirituality.
Her recent CD’s all have songs with very interesting texts communicating important messages about life.
Besides an excellent musician, Madonna is also a person who thinks in a spiritual way and has reached high levels of consciousness.
To pass this knowledge and wisdom on to a general audience is a most important thing.

She may lack love and not able to receive any.
While she has given us so much.

Happy birthday, Madonna !!!


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