Tuesday, August 26, 2008

85 % of hate

As fervent and loyal blog readers know the Fuso Szulc is equipped with a Datastorm Satellite System.
With this communication system it is possible to connect to a satellite and send and receive e-mails.
Visit websites and use VOIP phone communication.
This makes the permanent pilgrim even while in retreat a person in the centre of many events and activities.

However, the Datastorm Satellite System is also a source of frustration.
Because it is not always working and for sure totally erratic.
It is for example common that it takes over one hour of searching the sky before actual acces to the Internet has been acquired.

There is a website of users of the Datastorm Satellite System and two things can be learned there.
One is that there are many out there who have serious problems with the system.
Second fact is that it is all very complicated.
A simple user cannot follow what is discussed because it is so specific and technical.

On the user website also a lot of frustration can be found.
And for good reasons.
For example, it is well known that in case someone has the evil courage to update the firmware of the electronic equipment, the chance is the system will not work at all anymore.
And it will be extremely difficult to get it back to work.

It is unavoidable to get frustrated with a Datastorm Satellite System.
When again the sound of the electric engines of the disk are whining above the head when searching the sky ever and ever.
To hear the disk return to its folded up position because it was unsuccessfull.
To have the system start searching again.

And then when eventually contact is made with the satellite, and it can be seen from the coordinates it is the correct one, it says the satellite is unknown and it resumes to search the sky.

And once locked to the correct signal everything is fine.
It transmits data.
It receives data.
All the diode lights on the electronic equipment blinking except one.
The one for “system”.
And therefore no acces to the Internet.
This is as of a few days…
But it has been discovered that when switching off the D3 controller, the “System”-light will come on and access to the Internet is secured.

Why is all this?
Why can’t it simply work easy and efficient?

Result is a love and hate relationship with the Datastorm Satellite System.
But the hate part is about 85 %.


The Datastorm users website can be found by clicking on:

The Datastorm company’s website is:


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Anonymous said...

Michel, I've seen your frustrations when camping in the US and Mexico, on the Pacific coast one Datastorm user couldn't get on-line, he was on Satmex5 just like me (I have a tripod and was on-line), I'm sure there was some solution to the problem but we ended up bringing the Hughes modem over to our trailer and letting it get on-line with the tripod, then shutting it down and re-installing it in his unit. It worked fine then.

Using a tripod forces you to be a bit more knowledgeable about the system (and you can usually find the sat when you are in the trees!).