Monday, August 4, 2008

Where miracles happen

The Fuso Szulc has moved to a new location.
Just 40 metres (130 feet) away from where the expedition vehicle was parked before.

This change of place took most of the day.
First access had to be created to the new spot by widening an opening between two huge bushes.
Next, all the tarpaulins protecting against the wind had to be taken down.
And even for the short distance to drive, everything inside and outside the Fuso Szulc had to be prepared for movement.

The reasons were that the first spot was close to the dunes.
When the wind was blowing, and this happens most of the days after 11.00 a.m., fine sand would get inside everything.
Another reason is the view: the window facing the dune saw it as an obstruction.
Like a sand wall stopping seeing more than just that.
Lastly, in the rare cases people come to this specific location, they can drive up to the Fuso Szulc real close and enter its privacy.
Because nudity is often exhibited here, it is not a good idea to be suddenly confronted in that state by a bunch of prudish, macho and possibly slightly drunk Mexicans.

The new location is like an island.
Much closer to the lagoon and surrounded by a ring of high bushes.
Now the view from the windows is wide and open and giving a strong feeling of the immensity of space.

There is better protection for the northwester winds as well.
The whole side of the Fuso Szulc is stopping the wind so that a whole space between the vehicle and the lagoon is wind free.
This is the good place for the siesta, to read F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The beautiful and the damned” and to take a shower with solar heated water from the ocean.

Possible visitors can be seen from a distance giving enough time to cover up and get dressed for the occasion.

It is important somehow to be camping in the right place.
This has everything to do with how it feels to be somewhere.
Feelings and instinct are the driving forces to decide where to park and make the camp.

When listening to the feelings and the instinct and following up on them, the result is a deep emotion of satisfaction.
This is right, the heart informs.

Important because the reason and purpose of being here is not just to have a good time.
The reason is much more serious.
To be here at the lagoon in Mexico is an effort to try to make new work.
For this to be successful circumstances play an enormous role.
They have to be ideal to gain access to where miracles happen.


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