Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Will Barack Obama be assassinated?

Most people worldwide know that the House Democratic Leader in the USA is Nancy Pelosi.
But do we know that she has five children?
And that her daughter Alexandra is married to a journalist from the Netherlands?
His name is Michiel Vos.

Recently he was being interviewed on Dutch TV and he talked about life behind the American political scenes.

Because of his mother in law he gets into situations that are private.
So private that we, the ordinary people, will never know it happened.
Like a private White House garden party of Republican and Democratic politicians and their spouses and children thrown by George W. Bush himself.

Of course Mr. Vos didn’t talk much about all this.
If his mother in law finds out he openly talks about life behind the political scenes, he will not be invited anymore.
But Michiel Vos said something really interesting about Barack Obama who he has met a few times.

Mr. Vos explained that security around Barack Obama is on the same level as if he was already the President.
Obama is surrounded everywhere anytime by an army of secret service men.

It is quite obvious why this is.
Obama stands for change.
And the people who are going to loose power, influence, money and a position because of the possible changes have an interest that Obama will not win these elections.
As it looks now, that hope is idle.
Obama is 8 % ahead of McCain.

There is another way of stopping Obama to become President of the United States.
This by assassinating him.
The army of secret service men surrounding him proves this idea is already expected to be among enough would-be killers.

In this field the United States has a painful reputation.
Four Presidents of the U.S.A. have been assassinated.
Abe Lincoln in 1865.
James Garfield in 1881.
William Mckinley in 1901.
And John Kennedy in 1963.

Many politicians as well.
Among them:
Tom Burks, State Senator from Tennessee in 1998,
James Davis, New York City Councilman in 2003,
Robert Kennedy, Senator from New York in 1968,
George Moscone, Mayor of San Francisco in 1978,

Influential social leaders also, like:
Malcolm X in 1965,
Martin Luther King in 1968.

And then we have the attempts to assassinate US Presidents:
Ronald Reagan in 1981,
Gerald Ford in 1975,
Theodore Roosevelt in 1912.

It would not be a surprise therefore if Barack Obama was killed.
Deeply embedded in many Americans is the attitude that if it is not going the way as desired, violence must force it.
Many Americans have an interest now to see Barack Obama not become the next President.

If he does become the next President though and he is able to function for four years, that will be the real victory.


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Anonymous said...

Obama does not stand for change. He is still supported and funded by the same old guard special interest groups that funded all the other Democratic Presidents.

The real politician that actually stands for change, not just talks about it, is Ron Paul.

If he were elected, I have no doubt there would be actual action, not just idle talk,

MELackey said...

I don't think either candidate will be able to make real change, regardless of how badly they want to. Our legislative branch (House & Senate) is more interested in making the other side look bad than getting anything done. No matter how good an idea from either side is, the opposing side does not want the enemy to get credit, so they either vote against it or use procedural maneuvers to block it from coming to a vote. Unfortunately, we're stuck.

Siobhan said...

melackey is right. There is no change to be made, ever. The House and the Senate will always see to that. We've become a nation divided and it is an obsession to make the other side look bad. Obama thinks he stands for change but the machine behind him is the same "old guard" as anonymous says. Don't be fooled. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Only he's more dangerous.