Friday, August 29, 2008

Out of fuel.

Fervent and loyal blog readers know to expect a posting every day.
But sometimes there is also a bonus to be found.
Today the bonus is two images made this morning of the sun rising above the Sea of Cortez near Santa Rosalia.

Yesterday the unfortunate situation arose that in the town of Mulege, the Pemex gas station had run out of diesel.
According to the friendly attendant the next diesel could be found in Santa Rosalia at 65 kilometres (40 miles).
The other option was to wait in Mulege for the supply tanker to come.
Maybe two hours, maybe a day, the attendant informed.

It was decided that the way to go was forwards.
To take the chance to reach Santa Rosalia with the little diesel that was left in the tank of the Fuso Szulc.
But after about 40 kilometres (24 miles) it was clear it was not going to work.
So a stop was made in a small village at the sea called San Lucas.
People met there were informed what was the situation and unfortunately there was no diesel in the village.
But a most friendly man called Manuel, offered to drive to Santa Rosalia at 20 kilometres (12 miles) with a jerry can to fetch diesel from the gas station there.
The trip was made together and Manuel told the amazing story that a few months ago a ring of paedophiles had been discovered in Santa Rosalia.
Men, from Mexico and the USA, who had been using local children to get their sexual satisfactions.
It had been a big scandal that has been published in all the regional newspapers.

Back in San Lucas the Fuso Szulc was filled with 20 litres (5 gallons) of diesel enough to reach Santa Rosalia.

But the night was spend at the sea near San Lucas together with fishermen who were going out in their boats at night to catch ink fish.

When all had left and while listening to the most impressive speech of Barrack Obama a drunken fisherman came knocking on the door of the Fuso Szulc.
Rather drunk and wanting money.
A most unpleasant and potentially dangerous situation.
He was promised to get his money the next morning in a most authorative and dominating manner to intimidate him away and this fortunately worked.



RonMack said...

Michael, As always, I check into your adventures daily. I enjoy your viewpoints on various issues, but especially like the photography! Treat sunrise ! !

Nicole said...

thank you for the bonus, beautiful pictures of the rising sun above the Sea of Cortez. You captured pelicans, sea birds, even one flying, looking for their breakfast; such a peaceful landscape to greet the start of a new day.