Tuesday, August 12, 2008

nautically neurotic

A few postings ago it was explained that at the current location, next to the Pacific Ocean in the south of the peninsula Baja California in Mexico, no boat ever could be spotted sailing by.

Writing this down was like confirming officially a fact concluded in the consciousness.

Many times each day the ocean comes into the view.
Like while writing on the computer: from the wide window of the Fuso Szulc most of the Pacific Ocean can be seen.
And now, that it is official, each time when seeing the Pacific Ocean, the thought comes to mind that no boat can be seen.

But another thought connects to it.
Unwanted and undesired but it is there every time.
It is the thought that maybe this time it will be different.
That magically or accidentally and by surprise a boat happens to pass by anyway and in spite of everything.
It is even imagined how the response will be: a high jump in the air.
A loud scream of victory, relief and exaltation:

A BOAT !!! A BOAT !!!

And immediately a run for the camera to photograph the sign of nautical life, as it would be a good subject for the next day posting.
To be able to report to the fervent and loyal readers that never a boat passes by except this time.

This conclusion no boat traffic can be seen from here has resulted in an almost Robinson Crusoƫ obsession.
Or Tom Hanks’ in the film “Cast away”.
The strong desire to want to see a boat.

If once in a while a boat would pass by, there would be peace and harmony.
Nothing to think about.
A simple, logic and natural fact.
Look, a boat!
OK, a boat.
One of the boats that pass by.

But never ever a boat is unacceptable.

Can’t someone not sail by, please?
Just to break this obsession...
Thank you.



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I can´t see the boat on the photo. I hope, you are not halucinating, like Robinson... ;)

Take care, Andreas