Saturday, August 9, 2008

Out, Johnny, out.

One of the most interesting contemporary authors is the Frenchman Michel Houellebecq.

In his book “Les particules élémentaires” (Elementary particles) he writes that pure morality is unique and universal.
Pure morality never changes nor is anything added to it.
It is not dependent of any historical, economic, sociologic or cultural factor.
Pure morality is not created but creates itself.
There are no conditions to it: it makes its conditions itself.
In short: it is an absolute value.

The volume and quality of the morality in a society decides the happiness and lasting of that society.
This quality and purity of the morality is decided by the way the members of that society decide and choose to live.

Every individual has a choice how pure the morality is in life.
This is constantly a private choice and responsibility.
However, if morality is allowed to be clouded by cynicism and selfishness and by limiting or eliminating consciousness, the whole of society suffers of the consequences of that choice and performance of that particular member of society.

Concerning pure morality, public figures have an even higher responsibility.
They are examples and role models.
They can inspire the population to be more pure in their morality in order to have a more happy society.
Or they can be a bad example dragging down the general level of the purity of morality.

Besides, they have important responsibilities to make decisions concerning the population.
And all these decisions are based on morality.
The more pure the morality, the more honest and democratic and humane decisions by politicians will be.

Many fervent and loyal blog readers understand we are on our way to meet John Edwards again.

He has been the subject of a posting on this blog on April 27, 2007.
“No, Johnny, no”.

In this posting John Edwards was called a “psychopathic personality”.
And this has become truer than ever.
In fact he has admitted himself now to the diagnosis made last year.
John Edwards said two days ago:
“I started to believe that I was special and became increasingly egocentric and narcissistic.”

Anybody is free to do in the private life what one wishes to do.
All the possible consequences are for that person and the ones life is shared with.

Hence, John Edwards has to work out with his wife and family his extramarital affair with Miss Rielle Hunter.
It is not of our business.

But as a public figure, as a politician who was presenting himself as a candidate to become President of the United States or else Vice-President, you cannot publicly be as dishonest as he decided to be.
That is totally unacceptable.

Another issue is that Miss Rielle Hunter was paid over a $ 100.000 to make some YouTube videos for John Edwards.
That obviously was favouritism and nepotism and this with money donated by trustful supporters to his election campaign.

Last thing is Mrs. Edwards.
As of 2006 she knew of her husband’s conduct.
He told her and she forgave him, so they claim.
Since that time John Edwards has been publicly lying about his marital affaire.
Denying it.
Telling it was not true.
While at home Elizabeth Edwards was seeing him lying on TV and doing nothing about that.
She became a partner in lying.

There is one important instrument in a society that guards the purity of politicians.
That is the press.
And we must applaud the “National Enquirer” for having cleaned the American political landscape of a person who should not be present there.
But this we knew already in April 2007.


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