Sunday, August 24, 2008

Turmoil together

Another spectacular day in the life with a conglomeration of events since the birds in the lagoon “Estero del Tomate” have been left recently.

First of all was the meeting with “Julio”.
This a tropical depression hitting the southern part of the Mexican peninsula Baja California with strong winds and incredible rainfall.

This was experienced while at the rancho of the Gonzales family.
The visit paid to these dear friends was together with the Mexican Señorita for a very special occasion.

Over the last 28 years the Gonzales have been extensively documented in many, many photographs.
Next, last Summer in Nowy Sacz in Poland where the archive is, most negatives of the Gonzales family were scanned.
And with these images 12 photo-books were composed of the different members of the family.
Last night was a ceremony at the rancho to share food and some Tempranillo with many family members, to offer the oldest of the Gonzales family, Señor Gumaro Gonzales, the 12 photo books.

A major decision had to been taken.
Whether to take the camera to the ceremony and document this as well
It was realized that it was an important choice.
Between being there as a friend or as a photographer.
And the choice to have an event take place as a private ceremony seen by a few only or as a public one for potentially the world to share.

The presentation of the 12 books had a high level of emotion.
Several of the 12 persons subject of the books did pass away.
Very much loved by the family and seeing them again through the photo-books revived strongly the emotions.
Is that something to be shared or to be documented?

This time it was decided to share and not to document.
To be there with the Gonzales family as a friend and not as a photographer.

At the end of the ceremony “Julio “ arrived.
The tropical storm.
A run through the storm had to be made for the camper.

A night of meteorological turmoil of the most extreme kind was experienced.
And this intimately together.

Certain issues were the result of “Julio”.
Leaking water into the Fuso Szulc damaged the MacBook Pro laptop computer.
Unavailable until it becomes clear it can be fixed.
And the Datastorm Satellite system has become more erratic than ever and takes over an hour to make access to the Internet possible.
If lucky.

An escape was made from Rancho Punta Boca del Salado back to the town of San Jose del Cabo.
Before the heavy rains would wash away the roads and make riverbeds impossible to cross.
One must see what devastation to roads a tropical storm and its rainfall is doing.
Many parts of the roads are simply washed away or blocked by swollen rivers.

Fortunately the Fuso Szulc is heavy and has an excellent 4x4 system.
Where other cars couldn’t cross, to the total amazement of those desperate people unable to come through, the Fuso Szulc crossed deep and seriously swollen rivers as if it was the most fun thing to do.

In this way an escape was made from the hinterlands now in isolation because of the tropical storm and the trip continued to an Office Max shop in Cabo San Lucas where a MacBook was purchased.

In about a week the Fuso Szulc should arrive in the USA where the MacBook Pro is supposed to find service in an Apple Shop somewhere to diagnose the total malfunctioning and to have it possibly fixed.

With the new MacBook on board the Fuso Szulc, there is at least a back-up situation as of now.


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