Monday, August 25, 2008

How to make a cashier girl cry.

Living the different life compared to the one while in retreat with the birds in the lagoon.
The many activities to do now with the contacts in the civilised world and sometimes getting amazed by how things go and witnessing the madness and other extremes.

For example this most important bank in Europe where an account.
A new bankcard has to be activated and after receiving by mail the new bankcard and in another envelop the pin code, a next step has to be made.
The bank needs to be called to activate the new card.
The message heard when calling the number is that it is the bank “ ...and now we stop the connection”.
Fortunately a friend works in that bank and was called to ask what was going on.
He checked and it was a technical problem.
Would take one to two days before customers of the bank abroad can get in touch again.

For example buying the new MacBook in the OfficeMax store.
Checking out with a cashier girl took over one hour.
Because she was complicating unnecessarily every step of the process.
Her service was so bad and so slow that eventually, after one grueling hour, the manager was called and asked to replace the incompetent cashier girl.
Who immediately disappeared behind a door crying.

Amazingly also that Office Max gave over 1.000 Mexican Pesos ( 67 € / 99$ ) instant discount.
And a 1.500 Mexican Pesos ( 100 € / 148 $ )gift certificate.
And bonus points for their bonus point program.

Surprising as well how easy, simple and fast it was to transfer all the data from the MacBook Pro to the MacBook.
This was thanks to a software program called Timemachine that is build into the Apple operating system.
As recently as 3 days ago a back up was made with Timemachine on a LaCie external hard disk.
Connecting this external hard disk to the new MacBook and within two hours everything on the new computer was similar to the old one.
Bravo Apple.

That kind of experiences give much thought to reflection.

That can whirl in the head while driving this morning from San Jose del Cabo to La Paz: a 4 hours trip.


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