Thursday, August 14, 2008

She needs attention.

One after the other tropical depression develops south of Baja California in Mexico and moves to the northwest.
Until now diverting to the west ending in the vast Pacific Ocean hurting nobody.
But more and more, now that the ocean water warms up near the location where the Fuso Szulc is parked, the tropical depressions move more to the north than to the west.
Tropical depressions come with lots of rain and wind.
But they can develop in hurricanes and in that case it is devastation, tragedy and destruction.

Now tropical depression “Iselle” is on her way and moving more to the northwest than any other before this year.

The process of these tropical depressions trying to reach the Fuso Szulc will go on for the next two months and the situation will become more and more dangerous here as the ocean heats up.

This has inspired to decide to go to the USA soon.

The Fuso Szulc has a problem with its springs and this could be fixed by a company called Deaver Springs Mfg. Company in Santa Ana, California, USA.
Sooner or later this problem must be solved and now seems to be a good time.

The origin of the problems with the springs of the Fuso Szulc lies in the fact of how the camper box was build.
Santek Trailers has put many heavy things on one side only.
It is the driver’s side where we find the two large truck batteries, the fridge, the kitchen counter, most of the inside storage areas and worse of all, the 6 large batteries for the solar system.
This means that much more weight is on the left side of the Fuso truck than on the right side.
In the beginning nothing could be noticed but by now the springs on the left side are worn out.
When the Fuso Szulc is parked on a flat space, the camper box hangs down to the left.

Friend Douglas Hackney, who also has a Fuso expedition vehicle currently roaming South America, had some good advices and the connection to Deaver Spring Mfg. Company.
Doug explained that what should be done is to go to scales.
And figure out precisely how many pounds each wheel of the Fuso Szulc is carrying.
This by manoeuvring the Fuso Szulc with one wheel on the scales at a time.
Next, so Doug explains, it must be calculated how a specific set of springs must be enforced with an extra one.
Doug’s Fuso went through this process performed by Deaver Spring Mfg. Company and the Fuso Szulc must undergo the same treatment.

This is an expert job unavailable in Baja California, Mexico.

Besides the springs-job, the Fuso Szulc needs its servicing by Kearny Mesa Truck Centre in San Diego, USA.
Change of the oils and filters and all those things a truck needs to stay in shape.

And change of the XM-radio satellite antennas.

When in the USA, the hurricanes meanwhile in Mexico can batter as much as they like.


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