Friday, August 22, 2008

A boat ! A boat !!

The female athletes participating in the current Olympic Games in Beijing, China, found another way to run in deeper the point that was made in yesterday’s posting.
That women are better in sports because of higher level of pain and willpower compared to men.

The world champion in water polo for women is the United States.
They managed to reach the finals of the Beijing Olympic Games where they met yesterday the team of the Netherlands.
It turned out the team from the Netherlands had the highest threshold of pain and willpower and they won the gold.

Today is the final of the women playing hockey.
It will be between China and again the women from the Netherlands.

Meanwhile this period of retreat, contemplation and photographic creation has come to an end.
After 24 days the “Estero del Tomate” will not be observed any more for the weeks to come.

Yesterday, to uttermost surprise, a boat was spotted.
Sailing southwards far away at the horizon.

This is the first boat that has been seen in almost 50 days.

Looks like a fishing boat.


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