Saturday, August 30, 2008


Recently the election campaign currently taking place in the USA was called a circus of clowns.
A correction has to be made to this because John McCain has created a whole new dimension to campaigning.
The one of an idiot.
John McCain has turned now the election campaign into a circus of idiots.

His running mate has become Mrs. Sarah Palin, the Governor of Alaska.
She has no serious education: she studied journalism for some time.
She never had a serious job: she worked as a radio sports reporter.
She was a mayor of a town of 8.000 inhabitants.
And she was less than 20 months Governor of Alaska: a small state with only 650.000 inhabitants.
She has 5 children to take care of: the youngest one only a few months old and having Dow Syndrome needing special attention for the years to come.

She is not the idiot.
The people around her who are now claiming she is the best choice, are the idiots.

This starts with John McCain himself.
He didn’t know her.
Had met her only once.
Talked with her in private only at one meeting recently.
And now suddenly she will be the best candidate to become vice president of the United States.
Obviously he is lying.
He has no way to know and guarantee she will be the best choice.
But she was chosen for political reasons and out of desperation.

Behind John McCain forms a long line of other idiots.
Who suddenly agree with him on his choice of Sarah Palin without having one single good reason.
So they come up with naïve fantasies and by whipping cream.

It may be wondered how many Republican voters have enough sense in their minds to refuse to believe in all this idiotic running of the election campaign of their party leaders.

Meanwhile the rest of the world gets very scared what is going on in the USA.
They see a scenario that a man who is 74 years old and might become the new President of the USA, who had cancer 4 times and who might suddenly die, will be replaced by a 44 year old person with no experience in any field that is required.
A person who will have to run a major nation and make decisions affecting most of the world population.
Who will have the hand on the switch to use nuclear weapons.

The persons in the recent US electoral developments to feel sorry for are not the Republican politicians who had a high chance to become potential vice-presidents because they had the experience and the wisdom.
The person to feel sorry for is Sarah Palin.
She is not catapulted into a position for who she is but she is used for political, opportunistic and desperate reasons.
There is a high chance that in the coming months she will falter coming under tremendous pressure and attack.
To loose her reputation and her happiness.

Sorry we also feel for her five children who will lack a lot the love and attention of their mother, as she is too busy elsewhere.



Anonymous said...

Oh Michel, your comments are so refreshing, and spot on! This is a strange country I live in isn't it?


Ted said...

You hit the nail on the head with this post.

Anonymous said...

For once, I agree with you.

deeharder22 said...

Well, at least she's a strong believer - that's still the main thing!

Anonymous said...

interesting comments, but all this pales into insignificance when you compare another, larger democracy -- india!! even in parliament, in front of the world and television cameras, votes are bought by paying money. crores of rupees. and yet, no one is caught or jailed!!!

whats worse, every two bit actor is also roped in to attract the votes of the illiterate masses who number hundreds of millions. they think that a man with a wig on a huge screen or a woman with big breasts will be able to run the country and, believe it or not, vote for them.

so what is happening in the usa is really virginal. its all about comparisons really. you are the tallest until you meet someone who is taller!!

so dont despair, my friend. it will take thousands of years of freefall for the usa to reach where india is now!! theres a silver lining everywhere. cheers, be happy!!

rajendar menen at

Anonymous said...

And McCain says all the time, Obama has has no experience and should not be voted for for that reason.
Let`s hope the democrats will make it public!!!

The Jeanie & Rojo said...

excellent! I book marked you last night when Datastorn said you were near and followed your link from George's shout box.

You have a new follower of your Blog. to few have the guts to speak up thank you for being one of us who do.

The Jeanie & Rojo